Monday, August 9, 2010

Tool 10

I am a huge Apple fan, and have always believed that they offer so much more than windows based pc's. They are simply easier to use and more fun, and offer so much to teachers (I'm still flabbergasted that our district switched from apples back to pc's a few years ago, so its good to see that the tide is somewhat changing back, but that's another topic).

So, I am already familiar with mobile devices and the fact that you can download apps to them. (I guess you could say my wow moment was back when I got an iphone a couple of months after they came out a couple of years ago). I think that the apps for teaching foreign languages or math concepts are great and could definitely be used in classrooms.

One app I found for iPad while searching around the app store in iTunes was on internet safety, called Professor Garfield Online Safety. Yes, as in Garfield the cat found in the comics. Its a humorous way to introduce safety concepts of being on the internet (there is another app by the same company but about cyberbullying, which also is a relevant topic). These might be too young for the high school set, but would be good tools nonetheless to teach students about being responsible when online.

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