Monday, August 9, 2010

Tool 8

I do think videos can be great tools to enhance classroom learning. With as much time as students spend online browsing, alot of it involves watching videos anyway; they seem to be more enraptured watching videos and would pay attention more. If we choose good videos that grab their attention and make the subject interesting, they will get more out of it obviously.

This year I'll be teaching a class called Dollars and Sense, which basically is Personal Finance simplified. Part of the course involves career choices, and obviously we will use the internet to do searches. is a job search company that got lots of notice with its humorous tv ads played during the super bowl. This video below injects humor into different reasons why someone might be looking for another career, and would be a great way to start students off brainstorming reasons why people might switch jobs sometimes.

I will also be teaching webmastery. The video below is a very quick lesson on how to create a website using Notepad on a windows computer and typing the code for HTML, which for the unitiated among you is the program language behind every website (yes, including this one). It doesn't have an audio. The author is typing on a screen the steps, and then doing it. It would be a good intro to show them how easy it is to create a very simple webpage, and they would simply follow along. (I would pause the video to help them keep up and follow along).

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  1. There is also a cool program named notepad ++, it's free and has lots of cool features!