Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tool 7

Video...Ah, this is definitely my favorite. I've actually been using iMovie to create videos for several years, whether it be for end-of-year highlight videos for sports teams, or a video for my brother's rehearsal dinner. Its really simple and easy to do (yes, I'm biased since i know how to do it, but I also am confident in saying that even the technologically-challenged can figure it out enough to do a very simple production).

Students today definitely are into making videos and showcasing their creativity, so this is definitely something that they would enjoy doing in my classes. For webmastery, they can do a show and tell on how to create certain tasks, etc., or maybe on the history of the internet that they must make as interesting as possible.

I used iMovie to put together an informational video about Odyssey of the Mind, using pics from the teams I've sponsored the last 3 years. The cool thing about iMovie is that it has built in sound effects and background music choices that you can use, along with the transitions and titles and what-not.

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